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Silkscreen poster, roundelles, conversations on creative practice, New Urban Arts, Al Burian, Mary-Kim Arnold, Matthew Derby, Julia Gualtieri, Caitlin Cali, Prisckilla Carrion, Lois Harada Emmy Bright, Mike Cirelli, Jenn Morea, Walker Mettling
Conversations on Creative Practice
Silkscreen, Letterpress

I co-curated these Conversations on Creative Practice at New Urban Arts with a team of other awesome people. These conversations were public forums to explore how individuals integrate creativity into their personal and professional lives.

For the 2012 poster, I collaborated with alumni students and mentors to design and print the poster. Julia Gualtieri, Caitlin Cali and Priscilla Carrion and Lois Harada all contributed to this silkscreen and letterpressed poster.