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Cartesian, Attachment, Love, You, Me, More, Less.  Diagram of love relationships, black and white
You / Me / More / Less (Axial)
Silkscreen on Newsprint

This print served as a prompt in a performance that asks questions about relationality and its demands.

Participants entered a white room one at a time and interacted with an amorphous and silent, but wriggling, beanbag blob monster which revealed only my eyes. Without instructions, each person tried to figure out how to interact. The Beanbagblob offered "You / Me / More / Less" as an invitation. In not knowing what they were supposed to do, each person created a different kind of game -- the one they thought they were supposed to play. The blob responded to each proposition. Some propositions involved physical cuddling, some speaking and listening, and in others, there was a kind of call and response through gesture. In offering muddy parameters and intense relation, the Beanbagblob monster functions as a site of projection, play, and reciprocity.