• Essay'd 124

    Essay'd 124

    Essay'd provides a forum for short essays on Detroit Artists. Ryan Standfest wrote this lovely and super thoughtful essay for them about my work. I am so delighted! You can read it here in Essay'd 124. Sometime this fall, they will publish a collection of these essays, including this one, in book form.

  • Haystack


    I'm so excited to be heading back East and to Maine to teach at Haystack this summer!
    Description of the class: Silkscreen: The Printed Word Using text as a starting place, this workshop will explore combinations of word and image and words as material for sculpture and installation. We will play with the meaning by breaking sentences and words apart, repeating things, and rearranging them to generate new directions for our work. The basics of silkscreen printing (paper stencils, hand drawn stencils, rubylith stencils, and digital image making processes) will be covered and we will use print processes to explore posters, banners, and the broadsides while we also explore the possibilities of text in the landscape. All levels and interests (including writing) welcome.

  • I >< YOU >< WE Exhibition at VisArtsRVA

    Over the past two years, I have been working with my dear buds Leigh Suggs and Jessica Heikes to make this exhibition. Thanks Visual Art Center of Richmond for hosting us. Lauren Ross, thanks for curating this, and Jason Sudack, thank you for your careful depiction of our collaboration and friendship! I love this video.



    OTHER NATURE on view at Simone DeSousa's EDITION through September 9. The exhibition consists of a collaborative installation and a show of individual print and paper based works with my dear friend Megan Heeres.

  • Artist in Residence at Cranbrook

    Artist in Residence at Cranbrook

    I am thrilled to share the news that I will be one of the new Artists in Residence at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Cooper and I will begin teaching there this fall in the Print Media Department, and we are very excited to work with the wonderful artists and designers in the Cranbrook community.

  • Review of THE THING AND ITS ABSENCE at Quirk Gallery

    Review of THE THING AND ITS ABSENCE at Quirk Gallery

    "The Space in the Middle" by Ashley Hawkins for Look See Magazine. Richmond, VA. 2018. More images and information from the exhibition can be found |https://www.quirkgallery.com/mezzanine/|here



    I'm started making an e-newsletter and you can read or sign up here:

  • Feeling Feeling at the Distillery

    Feeling Feeling at the Distillery

    Thanks Frank Redner for this thoughtful review in Big Red and Shiny. FEELING FEELING was a collaborative exhibition by Emmy Bright and J.R. Uretsky during the fall of 2017 at the Distillery Gallery in Boston, MA. More images of the work can be found here.

  • Abstract Strategies at Oxbow

    Abstract Strategies at Oxbow

    This summer, I am thrilled to be teaching a class at my favorite place Ox-Bow School of Art with the brilliant painter and thinker Erin Ikeler. Come say hello if you're in Saugatuck, MI between June 18-July 1, 2017.

    Abstract Strategies is an interdisciplinary painting course where students will investigate ways artworks accrue meaning. The course will begin with an examination of shifting attitudes towards painting in the wake of Abstract Expressionism; with particular emphasis on the ways paint—a fluid and visceral substance—came to evoke the artist’s body. Students will consider the referential, performative and loaded connotations of their materials. From paint’s ability to index the movement of the artist’s body in the studio to its capacity for metaphor, students will learn that abstraction is far from empty&#894; instead it is full of allusion and reference to the world outside itself.

    In addition to material experimentation, this course will also involve a series of performative studio exercises designed to develop language to articulate both the “Why” and “How” of our individual studio practice. We will employ technical strategies of subtraction, repetition, collaborative naming, inversion and transparency as means to meld form, theory, and practice. Throughout all of this, we will return to the value of going astray, and what can be found there.

  • Haystack Open Studio Residency

    I will heading up to the northern end of Maine to participate in the Haystack Open Studio Residency this spring!

    I'll be working to develop a props and a pop-up office/tent for Dr. Ladybear. This character's scope of work has expanded over the last three years, but her set up has remained thrift-store basic. So I'll be working in several studios (woodshop, fibers, clay) to develop some props to support her practice - a pop-up office/tent, signage, lamp, coffee cup, a ring, wooden clipboard. I am excited to extend the comedy from her narrative work into the object realm. Also, to build her a rocky-beach office. Pictures to come!

  • Stupid Tarot at Power of the Press Fest!

    Stupid Tarot at Power of the Press Fest!

    I will be performing this weekend at Power of the Press Fest developed and hosted by Signal Return. Shed 5 in Eastern Market will be full of printers selling prints, doing demos, and strutting their stuff! Definitely come by! 12-5 Sunday April 9th.

    I am doing readings from my deck 'More Stupids: A Tarot.' So, ‘Stupid Tarot’ does not follow form of regular tarot readings, but presents opportunities for logic, magic, and feeling to intertwine. These readings may offer wisdom, opinion, observation and diversion from things such as: The Past, The Future, Relationships, and Other Important Matters. The readings will definitely be free, and it is possible that they will be useful. (Photo by Jeff Cancelosi)

  • Salon Catroit: ONE

    Salon Catroit: ONE

    I'll be reading alongside the luminous and lovely Anne Elizabeth Moore and Matt Fogerty at the innaugural Monthly reading series. Please see here for more info RSVP's will receive the address.

  • Vermont Studio Center

    Vermont Studio Center

    In October, I'll be at a month-long residency in Printmaking at Vermont Studio Center. It is a gorgeous place for visual artists and writers to retreat and bro-down with each other. I'm going to be starting a new portfolio of work based on a medium sized research project intended for a very special destination. The project and destination is super secret, and on the hush, hush for now, but will be revealed in the coming months! for now, an image of me smushing smurfs.

  • Two reviews

    Sarah Rose Sharp came by to check out the show Why Don't You Want This? at David Klein Gallery, Detroit and wrote a lovely and thoughtful review about intersections of gender and feelings. She also came in for a Stupid Tarot reading later in the week. Check out infinitemiledetroit.com/On_Critical_Syn? her reflective piece on overwhelm and criticism in Infinite Mile|.

  • EITHER / OR / NO

    EITHER / OR / NO

    During October 2016, Ditch Projects is hosting my solo show curated by Jovencio de la Paz. Documentation of the show can ditchprojects.com/index.php?/ongoing/em?|be found here|

    These prints and drawings vacillate between dark humor and reflective criticism of human interaction and interrelation. Often taking the forms of diagrams, sketches, or ad hoc doodles, these images trace out both formal spaces through line and volume, but also frame social, psychic, emotional, or interpersonal spaces. As an ongoing accounting of an inner dialogue, Emmy Bright's work resist conclusion or summation. Rather, like a constellation of aggregate and fleeting moments, the works spread across the gallery to form surprise connections and unexpected narrative twists. - Jovencio de la Paz, Curator

    Ditch Projects is an artist-run studio, installation and performance space located in downtown Springfield, Oregon. The mission of Ditch Projects is to supply a progressive and permissive venue for the visual and performing arts while maintaining an open, experimental and festive atmosphere. Exhibits change monthly with openings each first weekend. Special events are scheduled individually and occur frequently.

  • Why Don't You Want This?

    Why Don't You Want This?

    So exciting about this new show of works on paper ! It opens on Saturday 9.17.16 at David Klein Gallery's Contemporary Space at 1520 Washington Blvd. Detroit from 6-8 PM. The following week [through 9.23.16], Dr. Ladybear and I will be doing free Tarot readings from my new project "More Stupids: A Tarot." Call the gallery to make an appointment for a reading at 313.818.3416. The show runs through October 22, 2016.

  • White Feelings

    White Feelings

    White Feelings The idea of “racialized affect,” or the emotional experience of racial identity, has become more and more salient over the past several years, as violence against people of color has been increasingly justified in terms of the fears of white people. The Trump campaign’s chant to “Make America Great Again” makes sense only to white Americans whose ancestors’ standard of living was not markedly worse. Jody Armour’s idea of the “reasonable racist” seems to have as much traction as ever, as “reasonable fear” now can apparently encompass irrational aversion.

    In the art world, expressions of emotion have become less and less acceptable over the last several decades—just as that art world has begun, however hesitantly, to open up to people of color. As a result, though, “heart-on-sleeve” expressions have come to occupy a zone of politically loaded and aesthetically questionable indeterminacy. Public expressions of racism at the University of Illinois continue to testify to white Americans’ cherished right to troll, and to have their discomfort valued more highly than black and brown deaths.

    Artists featured will include: Emmy Bright, Joe Carpenter, Emiliano Cerna-Rios, Adam Farcus, Marc Fischer, Diana Gabriel, James Jankowiak, Chris Kerr, Laura Mackin, Paul Mullins, Sonia Rodriguez, E. Aaron Ross, Christopher Santiago, Christopher Smith, Edra Soto, Sunny Ture, Pedro Velez, and Michael Workman. The opening reception will be on June 4, 5:00- 8:00 pm. There will be an event to discuss the art and ideas in the show on Wednesday, June 22, at 6:00 pm, featuring activists Kristina Khan and Sunny Ture, and scholars Junaid Rana, Terri Weissman, and Boni Wozolek.

    Figure One is a laboratory that supports projects, exhibitions and events stemming from all areas of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Illinois School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois. As an off-campus venue, Figure One is a public test bed for new ideas to take shape in the space between the safety of the classroom and the rigor of the professional world. The goal of the space is to fuel critical dialogue between students of the Illinois School of Art + Design and the broader University and local communities. |Figure One is a laboratory that supports projects, exhibitions and events stemming from all areas of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Illinois School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois. As an off-campus venue, Figure One is a public test bed for new ideas to take shape in the space between the safety of the classroom and the rigor of the professional world. The goal of the space is to fuel critical dialogue between students of the Illinois School of Art + Design and the broader University and local communities. Figure One is located at 116 N. Walnut, Champaign, IL and is open Thurs 11 am – 7 pm, Fri & Sat 1 pm – 9 pm.

    Exhibition curator Albert Stabler is a Ph.D candidate in art education at the University of Illinois. He spent seventeen years in Chicago, teaching art, making art, writing about art, and curating art shows. He volunteers with two local groups working against incarceration. Tumblr Here!

  • Sex Habits - In/habit Roving Art Series

    April 28th, 8PM, Archer Ballroom. SEX HABITS is the second event of In/habit roving art series curated by Ladida & Salmon and it is taking the form of a party, a non-linear event where tracks will be interrupted by performances and videos, a place to take a look at the work of print makers and other visual artists, leather work, photography, maybe you'll wanna take something home with ya. A place for brains and haptics to be stimulated: an erotic healing station, a bondage workshop, a peep show booth about sexuality and cinema, not quite impromptu readings and other interventions.

  • hello, world!

    Opening December, 4 5PM-8PM through March 2nd at Artspace New Haven. Some of my favorite recent prints are in this awesome show about queer art and language curated by J.R. Uretsky. .

    hello, world! *is an exhibition that explores how queer identity projects a clear position of self while simultaneously resisting and reframing normative definitions of identity.Each artist in this show offers a complex visual syntax of queer experience and selfhood, using humor, despair, play, and failure to puncture normativity and to make space for something different - to make space for discomfort, critique - to make space for themselves. Like computer scientists, queers create new words, structures, syntaxes driven by their needs to communicate. The title *hello, world! *reminds us that language is not fixed, that it is created, learned, tested, reframed, and hopefully - hacked.

  • David Klein Gallery First Show

    September 17, 2015 David Klein Gallery opened a new contemporary art space in Detroit and I am one of the artists showing work in the inaugural group show

  • Ox-Bow Fellowship, 2015

    I'll be spending 13 weeks this summer making work, helping out and swimming in the lake in Saugatuck Michigan at the Ox-bow School of Art as a part of their Fellowship Program. Looking forward to meeting and working alongside many wonderful folks this summer!

  • Kinsey Institute for Research on Gender

    Excited to be showing two pieces in Bloomington, IN as part of the Kinsey Institute's Annual Art Show Opening reception on May 15 and runs through July 11th.

    Since 1947, |http://www.kinseyinstitute.org/index.htmlThe Kinsey Institute| has promoted interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction. Artworks in this exhibition explore sex, gender, sexuality, eroticism, reproduction, romantic relationships, the politics of sex and gender, and the human figure.

  • Other Another

    Showing work as part of a group show curated by the amazing Liz Cohen. May 1 - May 9 at David Klein Gallery in Birmingham, MI.

    Other Another could be understood as a directive, a recognition, even a warning. The two words nod toward the potential for intimacy and solidarity amongst individuals at the same time that they remind us of the existential fact that we are discreet entities. Other Another brings together the works of artists that address the negotiation of the individual within the group. With varying modes of aesthetic communication and attitudes, the artists in Other Another explore loss, desire and dissent.

  • Queer Communities in Print Portfolio

    Printeresting did a lovely write up of the Queer Communities in Print Portfolio curated by Corinne Teed and Jamie Knight. Awesome to participate in this project and looking forward to seeing all the prints in one place!

  • A Women's Arms

    So psyched to have work in this show with such awesome other artists including J.R. Uretsky, Abigail Anne Newbold and Sandrine Schaffer at the stellar Lincoln Arts Project. The show is on view through April 26. A pretty great article with lots of embedded video is here from the Boston Hassle! lots of great stuff including Jeremy Otters interviewing the interviewer!

  • RISD Museum - Locally Made - October 3, 2013

    Artist Lab for ONE ROOM in Romantic Logic
    Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words
    –Roland Barthes.
    We will find our own romantic logic in the language and images of others. We will source love songs and magazines and match-make these scraps into new personal narratives.

  • Bryant University - Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

    Graphic Design in Contemporary Culture
    Through lectures and dialogue, readings and lots of hands-on making, this course examines the rhetorical, formal, and visual underpinnings of graphic design.

  • RISD - Graduate Studies - FALL 2013 & SPRING 2014

    All About the Why
    This class is for artists across disciplines who want to deepen their understanding of the wellsprings of their work. Through a semester long series of riddles and explorations, using images, and playing with materials different from, but parallel to, our customary ones, we will investigate what makes our work uniquely ours. We will practice collaborative naming and subverting our usual practices to both discover and transmute our practice: honing, expanding, or shifting it to new focal points. Adopted and adapted from Christina Schmigel, Senior Jedi.

  • deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum - WorkOut - June 15, 2013 - October 6

    Process Gallery development, design and installation
    Andrew Oesch and I designed three educational gallery spaces to help visitors understand the Work/Out show an outdoor exhibition on social practices, gardening, and social betterment. Designed, built interactive displays, a printed WorkOut make your own 'zine, wrote drawing prompts, reflection invitations, and wall text.

  • Brown Center for Public Humanitites: All About the Why? - March 2013

    I am facilitating a workshop series at Brown University's Center for Public Humanities called All About the Why. This experience is for practitioners across mediums, roles, and institutions who want to deepen their understanding of the wellsprings of their work. Through a series of riddles and explorations, using images, maps, and playing with materials different from, but parallel to, our customary ones, we will investigate what makes our work uniquely ours. In doing so, we will explore possibilities for opening up future work, and develop language to help us connect with future collaborators, partners, and places. This series is based on a most amazing experience I had at Penland with Jedi Master Christina Shmigel and a whole bunch of Jr. Jedis. I am ever greatful for those folks and very excited to extend this work to Providence in March

  • RISD Faculty Biennial - February 2013

    I have one of my favorite pieces in the RISD Faculty Biennial. Faculty from all departments across the school are participating, and I can't wait to see what everyone has been working on. The opening is on Thursday Feb. 21 from 6-8pm in the Chase gallery at the RISD Museum and it runs through March 17, 2013.

  • City College New York: Workshops in Art Education

    I'm so psyched teaching a class called Workshops in Art Education at City College New York again Spring 2013.

  • RISD: Teaching + Learning in Art + Design

    For the 2012-2013, I get to work with graduate students enrolled in RISD's Teaching + Learning in Art + Design education program. I taught Critical Investigations in Arts Learning, a hybrid class involving philosophies of art, education and personal practices. I also get to work with amazing students like Alison Rutsch on her research and screen printing project around children's visionary imagination and critiques of schooling, and I am helping Nicole VanSlyke on her documentary around access to digital arts, social justice, and community programs. I will post updates on awesome work as it unfolds!

  • Gender Justice Print Portfolio - This is An Emergency

    I made a double sided print for THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, a print portfolio which focuses on reproductive rights and gender justice. The opening show in Providence was on August 9, 2012. Click here learn about the project and read Stern's Statement of Purpose. and here to see the prints and essays in the portfolio. Artists include several members of Justseeds Cooperative including: Melanie Cervantes, Thea Gahr, Bec Young, Favianna Rodriguez, Mary Tremonte, Molly Fair, and Meredith Stern. Also participating are: Ian Cozzens of Secret Door Projects, Kristina Brown, Delia Kovac, Emmy Bright, Lois Harada, and Katrina Avocado.

  • Reanimation Library Branch Opening at 186 Carpenter St - March 2012

    I will be showing a big piece diagramming 257 questions - at the opening for the Reanimation Library and the "Living with Data" show at 186 Carpenter st on March 3. Jay Zehngebot and Landfill Quarterly also sharing their work! I'm also one of the artists who was invited to "mine the collection" and come up with some work for the closing show at the end of April. More updates soon! Looking forward to spending March in the library.

  • Craftland: Valentine'd - February 2012

    I've got a piece in the Valentine'd Show at Craftland! Lots of other awesome, subversive, romantic, and sentimental works up and for sale now through March 3rd. Nice review of the "Heart felt" show here!.

  • Providence Comics Consortium

    The Providence Comics Consortium just published the first anthology!! As A Guy is Fighting a Monster out of Nowhere So psyched. This book is a brick of kid comics art and grown artists jamming with the kids' characters. I have 2 pieces in there - the first is the Taxonomy of Precious Objects and the second is a comic called Jack: His Village, The Ombo Group. Awesome job everyone!

  • CCNY Workshops in Art Education: Documentation

    Once a week during the fall of 2011, I got to teach with a wonderful group of students at City College New York. Each week, my students documented our class. Here are some of their awesome projects!

  • Teaching Artist Research Project Report Released

    I was one of the field interviewers for Providence and Boston for this project. You can download the report here!

  • *Current* *Event* *Print* *Exchange*

    Check out out Blog!! We're all full now, but email if you'd like to be on the waiting list Emmybright-at-gmail-dot-com.

  • New Urban Arts: Conversations Series Poster

    Ian Cozzens of Secret Door Projects wrote a lovely blog posting about printing the New Urban Arts Conversations on Creative Practice Poster. Check out the stopmotion!

  • Interview on Connect the Dots Crafts

    Carole Ann interviewed me for her Connect the Dots Crafts website where she explores crafting, arts administration and creative practice.