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Brown University's Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage commissioned me to make a commemorative print for their class of 2014 students.
Commission from Brown University to commemorate their graduating class of Masters Students in the Public Humanities.

To celebrate the class of 2014, I began to secretly research their projects and their internships. Professors, colleagues, and supervisors shared meaningful images with me. It was a little like stalking, but folks were really into it. Using these images, I drew and rearranged them into this curio cabinet style print curating bits of the department's work into a frame all together.

Most of the images remain obscure to most people outside of the program, (even Rhode Island history buffs), but the students and faculty could see themselves and their colleagues represented in these object-fragments. Each student was given a framed print upon graduation, and I gave overlay keys to the department heads and other staff whose tenure extended beyond graduation. These people remain the image's key holders and translators for the outside world.

Photography by PD Rearick